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Although chewing gum does not meet a physiological need for people, it has become a need for many people.
The gum, which dates back to 2000 years ago, was shockingly first born with the use of the resins of the trees to clean and refresh the mouth. Then the gum was perfected in the process and took its present form.

In the 1800s, commercial chewing gum production started from the spruce tree resin used by the Native American tribes. Of course the gums added to paraffin for gaining flexibility and softness failed in the first place. However, producers who have not stopped working have reached the right point by producing different formulas.

In addition to the production of chewing gum, the aroma production sector has also been triggered, and chewing gums have been produced in different flavors as a result diversity has been achieved. Especially when the candy gums started to be produced, they were loved by people and the interest of the people shifted to this area.

Colorful, strawberry, peppermint, blueberry, round, angular varieties of gum have taken place in the market especially attracted the attention of children. There are many companies in our country who want to improve themselves in this sector. However, our company İlham Şekerleme, which has proven itself and has exported all of its products, has started to attract attention.

In 2014, we started our career with the goal of making children happy. The easiest way to make children happy is to produce colorful and delicious candies. I've never met a child who doesn't like candy. Our aim is to discover new planets and worlds with our product which we call “Ilham Sweet” by chewing our quality gum.

We have adopted the principle of representing our country successfully in many markets by exhibiting not only in domestic areas but also domestic production in foreign markets. We are attending many international fairs and we are showing our quality frequently. In January, we met with people who love candies from all over the world at the ISM The future &heart of sweet &snacksFair in Cologne, Germany.

In addition to offering our products to customers all over the world, we offer them the opportunity to produce as private labels in line with their demands.

Although we are not a very old company, we have proved our expertise in the production of chewing gum in the candy producing sector. The reason for this is that we have a team of experts who have experienced many years of experience in the production of sugar bubble chewing gum. We have trained and highly self-developed staff and they do their best to keep the trust of our customers.

Our machines used during production are the latest technology. Our machine park, which is used in the production of candy balloon chewing gum, has an annual production capacity of 2,500 tons and can easily meet large volume orders in mass production.

In addition, the raw materials used are carefully selected from the highest quality materials in the field. It is our greatest desire to reach all the children in the world and to make them happy by producing quality gums. On the other hand, our products are not just for children.
We aim to influence the taste of adults also. In this context, we produce high quality sugar free gums. In particular, the first trials of our sugar-free gum branded ICE BALLS based on Xylitol were highly appreciated by our customers.

We carry out our activities according to high quality and food safety standards in accordance with the legal regulations.

We are able to raise awareness of our expert team and send them to continuing trainings for the continuity of the system.

Thanks to our wide range of products and current developments, we meet all the needs of our customers and make a name for ourselves in the sector.

From the past to the present, and during the process of our development, we are quite happy. I cannot pass this success without saying that we owe our customers who prefer us and trust us. I believe that with the support of them, our company will continue to grow even further and we will continue to represent our country abroad and distribute lots of happiness to children.


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