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Prima Diaper
Prima premium care diaper size 5
Quantities Required: 10 Koli Effective Date: 7/13/2021Company: Gxxxxx
Boy Trousers
We're looking for boys' trousers. We ask the relevant companies to send a size and price list.
Effective Date: 7/13/2021Company: Rxxxxx
Boy Sandals
We are looking for sandals in sizes 19-24 and 25-29. We ask the relevant companies to send a price list.
Quantities Required: 1000 Adet Effective Date: 7/12/2021Company: Zxxxxx
RFQ for PS and PP granules
Dear Sirs! We are looking for the suppliers of PS and PP Granules. Melt flow index - 3-5 g/10mn (ISO 1133H) Colour: Natural / White Origin: Virgin / Recycled Release Form: Granules Monthly demand: 20 - 25 tons
Quantities Required: 20 Ton Effective Date: 7/12/2021Company: Mxxxxx
  Babylon Corner Set
Handmade things
Effective Date: 4/12/2021Company: Mxxxxx
Süresi dolmuştur gerektiğinde değerlendirilmek üzere teklif verebilirsiniz
We have an incubator request. We ask the companies that will bid, to quote a price including shipping.
Effective Date: 7/12/2021Company: Cxxxxx
Sandwich Panel
We are looking for sandwich panels. We ask you to quote a price according to the specifications we have stated below.
Effective Date: 7/12/2021Company: Mxxxxx
We are looking for incubators for 180 eggs. We ask the relevant companies to send a price offer.
Effective Date: 7/12/2021Company: Vxxxxx
Annealed Wire
We are looking for annealed wire. We kindly ask the relevant companies to send details and price offers.
Effective Date: 7/12/2021Company: sxxxxx
We have a request for raw MDF. We ask you to send a price list.
Effective Date: 7/12/2021Company: Axxxxx
I'm am looking to import items to South Africa
Chino Trousers, Long Sleeve Shirts, Neck Ties
Quantities Required: 800 Adet Effective Date: 5/30/2021Company: Pxxxxx
Plywood Wooden Plate
Plywood 11 mm
Quantities Required: 1 Kırk Ayak Konteyner Effective Date: 7/11/2021Company: Yxxxxx
Security Exterior Scaffolding System
Certificate under European requirements
Quantities Required: 1000 Ayak Effective Date: 7/11/2021Company: Yxxxxx
Galvanized Steel Shoring Prop, props Fork Head and Tripod prop beam formwork
Galvanized Steel Shoring Prop, props Fork Head and Tripod prop beam formwork
Quantities Required: 1 Kırk Ayak Konteyner Effective Date: 7/11/2021Company: Yxxxxx
Construction Steel
We are interested in buying construction steel in the long term. We kindly ask you to send us a quote and inform us about the payment process.
Effective Date: 7/10/2021Company: Jxxxxx
We are searching for feldspar with a mean particle size d50 = 3 to 3,5 µm and a top cut d100 = 20 µm. The Whiteness should be at least 90. The colour value should meet the following requirements: L: > 95,5 a < 0,10 b < 1,0
Effective Date: 7/10/2021Company: Gxxxxx
Canned Food
We are looking for canned food. We ask the relevant companies to share the necessary information and send a price offer.
Effective Date: 7/10/2021Company: oxxxxx
Galvanized Sheet
We have a request for 125 gr zinc coated galvanized sheet. We are a company operating in the ventilation sector. We buy sheet metal in rolls and sliced sheets, and we expect a price every month.
Quantities Required: 5 Ton Effective Date: 7/8/2021Company: Ixxxxx
UCS beige stone pattern pantyhose ladies accessories
Needs a supplier to help me in buying clothes ND sending my goods down to Nigeria
Quantities Required: 6 Adet Effective Date: 7/4/2021Company: Oxxxxx
Metal Wire Mesh
We interested to buy Hot dipped galvanized welded metal wire mesh to produce farming cages. We kindly ask the companies that can provide them to quote a price.
Effective Date: 6/3/2021Company: Lxxxxx